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Career Scholarships


Career Scholarship Applications

Three annual scholarships are available to men and women who want to pursue careers in aviation. Criteria: applicants must be at least 18 years of age, U. S. Citizens, and reside in the Greater Los Angeles Area. Applications must be submitted by May 1; scholarships are awarded in June.


    There are 3 parts:     Information Letter     Application     Letter of Recommendation

    Spring 2018 Recipients

    Aviation Career Scholarships:
          - Alex Carrillo (ATP)   09/14/2018 Update: "I passed my Instrument Checkride on 09/13/2018. I am now at 300hrs TT and pursuing my Commercial/CFI certificate."

    Kimberly A. Johnson Memorial Award:
          - Alan Kennedy (A&P, not pictured)

2018 Scholarship Recipients
Alex Carrillo

    Spring 2017 Recipients

    Aviation Career Scholarships:
          - Nancy Herrera (A&P at NVOC)

    Kimberly A. Johnson Memorial Award:
          - Cesar Salazar (A&P at NVOC)
          - Brett Undercuffler (A&P at NVOC)

2017 Scholarship Recipients
Nancy Herrera
2017 Scholarship Recipients
Cesar Salazar
2017 Scholarship Recipients
Brett Undercuffler

    Spring 2016 Recipients

    Aviation Career Scholarships:
          - Richard Razavi (A&P)

    Kimberly A. Johnson Memorial Award:
          - Enrique Hernandez (A&P & Tools)
          - Shane McGarrett (A&P)   10/17/2016 Update: "I know for a fact I could not have been this successful without the sisterhood of the 99s. I'm a lucky gal."

2016 Scholarship Recipients
Shane McGarrett

    Spring 2015 Recipients

    Aviation Career Scholarships:
          - Connor McClintock (Instrument Rating)
          - Anastasia Vetrova (CFI)

    Kimberly A. Johnson Memorial Award:
          - Farad Amirfarzaneh (A&P, Tools, & Testing)

    Honorable Mention:
          - Gerardo Perez-Ramos   05/25/2015 Update

2015 Scholarship Recipients
Anastasia Vetrova
2015 Scholarship Recipients
Faraz Amirfarzaneh

    Spring 2014 Recipients

    Aviation Career Scholarship:
          - Nick Meyer (Aviation Management & ATC)   Thank You Video & 07/2014 Update

    Kimberly A. Johnson Memorial Award:
          - David Calderon (Commercial & CFI)

    Marcia B. Fuller Aviation Scholarship Award:
          - Kenna Landon (goal?)

2014 Scholarship Recipients
Nick Meyer (accepted by his parents)
2014 Scholarship Recipients
David Calderon
2014 Scholarship Recipients
Kenna Landon

    Spring 2013 Recipients

    Aviation Career Scholarship:
          - Sean Clemmons (Aviation Management)   05/2014 Update

    Kimberly A. Johnson Memorial Award:
          - Vonja Dangerfield (A&P)

    Ruth Logan Scholarship Award:
          - Flight instruction grant for any member of Explorer Post 747 who makes their solo flight on their 16th birthday.

2013 Scholarship Recipients
Sean Clemmons
2013 Scholarship Recipients
Vonja Dangerfield
2013 Scholarship Recipients
Ruth Logan receiving first grant from Rick Meyer

    Spring 2012 Recipients:
          - Thomas Kulinski (A&P)
          - Robert Mota (Multi and CFII Ratings)   09/2014 Update

    2012 Kimberly A. Johnson Memorial Scholarship:
          - Beza Gidey (Aviation Administration)

2012 Scholarship Recipients
Thomas Kulinski with Jeanne Fenimore.
2012 Scholarship Recipients
Robert Mota with
Jeanne Fenimore & Melinda Lyon.
2012 Scholarship Recipients
Beza Gidey with Betty Bazar Robin
& Paula Bazar Sandling

    Spring 2011 Recipient:
          - Adam Gillohm (Instrument Rating)

    2011 Ceci Stratford / Walter Schmahl Aviation Career Scholarship:
          - Peter "Bud" Weber (Instrument Rating)   09/2012 Update

2011 Scholarship Recipients    2011 Scholarship Recipients
Adam Gillohm and his family.

2011 Scholarship Recipients    2011 Scholarship Recipients
Peter "Bud" Weber, his father, Ceci Stratford.

    Spring 2010 Recipient:
          - Dan Fallman (Charter Pilot)

2010 Scholarship Recipient    2010 Scholarship Recipient
Dan Fallman and his mother.

    Spring 2009 Recipient:
          - Patrick Wallace (A&P)
2009 Scholarship Recipient    2009 Scholarship Recipient
Patrick Wallace and our Board.

    Spring 2008 Recipients:
          - Koreen Dickson, Burbank (Helicopter Pilot; needs Instrument and Commercial)
          - Ara Martirosyan, Glendale (Airport Management)

2008 Scholarship Recipients    2008 Scholarship Recipients
Koreen Dickson and her parents Kelley & Dennis Dickson.

2008 Scholarship Recipients    2008 Scholarship Recipients
Ara Martirosyan and his fiancee Janet Antanesyan.

    Spring 2007 Recipients:
          - Jim Griffiths, Santa Clarita (MEI)
          - Ian Lewis, Point Mugu (instrument rating)

2007 Scholarship Recipients    2007 Scholarship Recipients
Jim Griffiths and Ian Lewis.

2007 Scholarship Recipients    2007 Scholarship Recipients
Jim & Ian, and Ian with his dad and Maria.

    Spring 2006 Recipient:
          - Emmanuelle Richard (helicopter rating)

    Spring 2005 Recipient:
          - Bryan Murchison, Valencia
Bryan Murchison
Bryan and his parents.

    Spring 2004 Recipients:
          - Lindsay Allen, Los Angeles (A&P)
          - Michael Hoffner, North Hollywood (Airport Mgmt.)
          - Donald Woodward, Van Nuys (A&P)

Lindsay Allen   Michael Hoffner   Donald Woodward
Lindsay, Michael, and Donald.

    Spring 2003 Recipients:
          - Ismar Avdic
          - Zachary Barborinas
          - Desiderio Rodriguez
2003 Scholarship Recipients
Desi, Ismar, and Zachary.

    Spring 2002 Recipients:
          - Joe Bradley, North Hollywood
          - Brandon Esten, El Segundo   7/2006 Update, 5/2007 Update & Donation
          - Tim Newman, Riverside   12/2002 Update
    Spring 2001 Recipients:
          - Mary Harrington
          - Curtis McDonald
          - Heidi Southworth

    Spring 2000 Recipients:
          - Richard Dana, Jr.
          - Jeffery Glover
          - Jennifer McCormack
          - Donald Moody, II

    Spring 1999 Recipients:
          - Gabrielle Berman
          - Joseph Fallica
          - Nathan Haag
          - Stephanie Sanford

    Spring 1998 Recipients:
          - Ron Gold
          - Tony Lau
          - Karen Schwartz

    Spring 1997 Recipients:
          - Richard Bookbinder
          - Wayne Glenn
          - Michael Wilson
          - Keena Wogomon
          - Michele Zurcher

    Spring 1996 Recipients:
          - Lisa Robinett
          - Denise Connell
          - Anne Swatfigure

    Recipients from 1995 and Prior:
          - Gerry Brown (1980)   3/2014 Update

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