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These links were active at one time and are in the process of being checked and revived. I hope to have this task completed in the next few weeks.

Note the NEWEST addition in the Historical category near the bottom of the list giving much information about the Cars, Tanks, and Airplanes of WWII. This was researched and provided by student Amelia in Hampton, Virginia. Thank you!

- Pam Distaso, 10/30/2021

10/30/2021 Update: All links have had a preliminary review; some deleted, some updated. Several with "?????" indicates uncertainty as to whether or not they are still relevant. - PD

- AFSS (Automated Flight Service Station)
    - Lockheed Martin AFSS or Leidos?????
    - TIBS Aviation Weather at (877) 484-2799; state "California," "Southern," then enter: ?????
          11 - Lower Desert
          12 - SBA-LAX
          13 - LAX-SAN
          19 - Aviation Events
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    - Lockheed Martin AFSS, Supervisor at Prescott, (928) 583-6154 ?????
- AOPA Weather (members only)
- Atmospheric Optics
- Avn Wx.com (U.S. weather maps)
- Lockheed Martin AFSS duplicate?????
- NOAA Aviation Weather Center (AWC) *
- NOAA National Weather Service (NWS)
- NOAA Space Weather Predictions (alerts, forecasts, and data products)
- Weathermeister - Decoded Weather

Flight Planning
- AirNav (airport info, fuel prices, flight planning)
- DUAT (by Data Transformation Corp.) ?????
- DUATS * (by CSC) ?????
- InciWeb (Incident Information System) re wildfires, closures, etc.
- NavMonster *, the GA Pilot's Pre-Flight Web Site
- SkyVector (airports and online charts)

Multi-Function Resources
- AOPA Air Safety Institute
- Gleim (red book)
- Landings.com (databases) ?????
- MyAirplane.com ?????
- PilotAge
- Pilot-Mentor Network
- PilotPointer (pilot jobs, news, weather, databases, events)

    - Home (accidents, certifications, FARs, etc.)
    - FAA Safety Team (FAAST)
    - MedXPress (submit medical application online)
    - Safety
- NTSB Accident Database

Education, Training & Testing
- Dauntless Aviation (test prep, software, and reference)
- Exams 4 Pilots * (select the type of exam and number of questions you'd like)
- Flight Sim Aviation Zone (flight simulation & aviation resource)
- LiveATC.net * (hear the pros and IFR communication)
- Mend Aviation (Richard Mend's seminars, flight training, and ground school)
- My Pilot Tests Prep Center (practice any test free) ?????
- Pilot Workshop
- Psychology Today - "The Trouble With Bright Girls"
- See How It Flies
- Sporty's
- StudentPilot.com
- Traveling Space Museum (Ivor Dawson) ?????

- Aviation Gifts by Ruth (Ruth Logan)
- Aviation Gifts by Wileman (Patty Wileman) ?????
- Aviation Jewelry (14K gold & sterling silver)
- Flying Machine Embroidery (Dolly Acosta Maufras)
- LAPD Air Support Division - Online Store (proceeds benefit Air Support Angel's Foundation) ?????
- Plane Mercantile (Barbara Schultz) ?????
- Sky Gems (Evelyn Craik & Kim Wilks) - out of business?????
- US Wings (jackets, clothing, sunglasses)
- Women Fly (products, news, links)

Airports & Flight Tracking
- FlightAware (flight tracking)
- LiveATC.net (live ATC feeds)
- One Six Right
- VNY Airport
- WHP Airport Association (and newsletter)

- Airliners.Net (airline photos, data, history)
- Bobbi Trout
- Cars, Tanks, Airplanes of WWII Provided by student Amelia & at the request of Evelyn Williams, Youth Services Librarian at Hampton Library, Virginia
- Endeavour Flying Over Southern California on 09/21/2012 Video shows Endeavour starting at Point Mugu (Ventura County), flying around Los Angeles, and landing at LAX (15:11).
- Plane Crash Info (1908 to present, including famous people)
- USAF National Museum Virtual Tour

- Airshows - AeroPix
- Airshows - Airshow.com
- Airshows - Milavia.net (upper right)

- Aviation Safety Magazine (some info free, some by subscription)
- AVweb (internet magazine & news)

Miscellaneous Items
- Air Traffic, Day Before Thanksgiving 2013
- Fed Ex Ant Hill 2006, accompanied by Led Zeppelin's "Going To California" (3:37)
- Flying Over Niagara Falls in an RC Helicopter (5:02)
- Night Landing in Los Angeles (cockpit view)
- Earth at Night: Night Photo from Space (courtesy of Goddard Space Flight Center)

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